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The goddesses are in control.
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Lucoa Galactic Stroll by Fifteen1413 Lucoa Galactic Stroll :iconfifteen1413:Fifteen1413 49 10 A Continental Crush by Fifteen1413 A Continental Crush :iconfifteen1413:Fifteen1413 66 4 Lucoa Planet Romp by Fifteen1413 Lucoa Planet Romp :iconfifteen1413:Fifteen1413 78 12 Compa City Cuddle by Fifteen1413 Compa City Cuddle :iconfifteen1413:Fifteen1413 25 8 Iris Heart's Weapon Rack by Fifteen1413 Iris Heart's Weapon Rack :iconfifteen1413:Fifteen1413 18 17 Raphiel Hot Universe by Fifteen1413 Raphiel Hot Universe :iconfifteen1413:Fifteen1413 68 22 Orange Crush by Fifteen1413 Orange Crush :iconfifteen1413:Fifteen1413 21 12 Vert universe by Fifteen1413 Vert universe :iconfifteen1413:Fifteen1413 89 11 Galaxy girl by Fifteen1413 Galaxy girl :iconfifteen1413:Fifteen1413 76 1 A Friend in Need I by Fifteen1413 A Friend in Need I :iconfifteen1413:Fifteen1413 8 2 Uninvited Guests / Evelyn I by Fifteen1413 Uninvited Guests / Evelyn I :iconfifteen1413:Fifteen1413 12 6 Golden heels by Fifteen1413 Golden heels :iconfifteen1413:Fifteen1413 16 10 Vert Closer To Home by Fifteen1413 Vert Closer To Home :iconfifteen1413:Fifteen1413 41 8 A Princess's Personal Pampering by Fifteen1413 A Princess's Personal Pampering :iconfifteen1413:Fifteen1413 17 0 Galaxy Vert by Fifteen1413 Galaxy Vert :iconfifteen1413:Fifteen1413 73 24 Planet Vert by Fifteen1413 Planet Vert :iconfifteen1413:Fifteen1413 81 37



Lucoa Galactic Stroll
Lucoa - 1,500,000 light-years tall. Disposition: Happy.

"Aww, you're all so cute down there! I think you're going to be lots of fun for your goddess~"

What... what do you think she means by 'fun'? It could be okay... maybe she just wants to play a game or something. We might not be about to all die with a single offhanded breast-bounce! She might still spare us, right? Right?

Though, do we reall want her to?

Lucoa is a character from Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid. I do not own the rights to her character or the work she is from. All IP rights go to Coolkyoushinja. This image was made for fun, not profit.
A Continental Crush
Lucoa - 16,000 kilometers tall. Disposition: Relaxed.

"Oh, don't worry about this little thing; no one will remember it even happened once I tweek their memories... and, if I'm feeling nice, I might even fix the damage!"

There are a billion people under her bust - or, rather, there were. Now there are just a billion flattened smears...

Lucoa is a character from Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid. I do not own the rights to her character or the work she is from. All IP rights go to Coolkyoushinja. This image was made for fun, not profit.
Lucoa Planet Romp
Lucoa - 620,000 kilometers tall. Disposition: slightly vexed.

"I get that I'm pretty and all, but can't a goddess just sunbathe in peace?"

I mean, knowing her, normaly she'd care that the earth is being smeared across her thong and between her thighs, but I guess she was just too anoyed to care at this point. It doesn't really matter anyway - she can fix it with a single thought afterwards...

I'm both frightened and terribly excited by what Lucoa can do in the show canon. She can tweak memories, repair and reset damage, and holds vast destructive power. She could easily and legitimately destroy the world and then just reset and make everyone forget her play... in canon! She's the best character...

Lucoa is a character from Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid. I do not own the rights to her character or the work she is from. All IP rights go to Coolkyoushinja. This image was made for fun, not profit.
Compa City Cuddle
Compa - 4,000 meters tall. Disposition: Curious.

"Aww, aren't you little things adorable~"

She's causing considerable destruction, but I don't think she really means to. Compa's far too nice for that - I expect the city might even survive her!

You can download this image at 1920 X 1080 resolution by hitting the download button. You also get a second view packaged with it.

The Compa model comes from the Neptunia Pack by haoLink…. The characters, of course, are owned by CompileHeart and IdeaFactory, and all IP rights go to them.
The city model is Megacity, still can't remember the link to it but if I do I'll update this.
Iris Heart's Weapon Rack
Iris Heart - 45,000 kilometers tall. Disposition: unconcerned.

"Oh, yes, I think I'm going to have a lot of fun with this power..."

The planet drowns in her overwhelming aura. The world trembles and splits, unable to withstand her endless might. It has mere seconds left before it shatters from the force of her celestial power. The tiny mortals below worship her ceaselessly with corrupted love even as her divine miasma melts their bodies and burns their cities into ash.

The goddess breifly turns a careless eye to the world just as it explodes, glancing away after less than a heartbeat. Even this attention is more than it deserved - after all, the destruction of a single pathetic planet like this is hardly worth the thought of a being like her...

The Iris Heart model comes from Sei-Ra. It was found for me by the magnanimous Clydej9. The characters, of course, are owned by CompileHeart and IdeaFactory, and all IP rights go to them. The original distributer of the model is Nar-Kiss-A.
The earth model is Earth by nononoP.
So, I was looking around the internet, and look what I found:
<da:thumb id="619403943"/>

To some of you, this might seem sort of familiar. This might be because of a little other story that you might have read-
Luna's Impossible Growth         Luna was having a bad day. It had started with her being woken up near three to the sound of loud banging coming from the garden outside. When she had aroused herself and gotten to the garden, she had found a small black box laying in a crater in the center, no identifying marks on its surface. Picking up the box, she had taken it inside, where she was now looking at it, tiredly attempting to figure out what it was.
         She sighed. If only Celestia hadn’t left yesterday, she could have dealt with this, and perhaps Luna could have gotten more sleep.
         But dealt with this must be. Any strange, unidentified object which found itself in the Canterlot garden could be considered potently dangerous, and it was her duty to take care of it.
         So Luna poked at the box, wondering what it could possibly be. It was pitch black, about twenty-five centimeters on each s

So, it appears that I have had my first story theft! Success! I'm good enough that people want to claim my stuff as their own!

This was pretty recent, from what I can tell. July 3 2016 is when 'his' story was posted, and November 6 2014 is when mine went up. It's pretty clear who came out first, no?

I'm kind of pissed, and sort of want to vent, but I know there's no point. Nothing I do will change how he works, and I know anyone who cares to check will see, obviously, that I was the true creator. There's a 20 month delay, that's not something that could be argued against. This is the risk with putting anything online, and it's a risk I knew about from the start. People steal stuff. It's the way it works. It's easier to take something than it is to make something.

I don't want anyone doing anything about this. It really doesn't matter enough to me, and I'd rather not get into any fights. I just want to make it clear immediately that, yes, I know about this. Don't like his stuff, because he's a thief. But, don't bother with reporting or anything like that, unless it continues. I don't want to get into any fights here. He's an asshole, but lots of people are assholes. It's not dangerous.

It looks like DeviantArt has a copyright claim thing. If someone steals your work, you can send them a DMCA takedown. However, and I need to stress this before people keep suggesting it to me:
Doing that is a huge, huge hastle, and far more effort than I'm willing to spend on something that I'm not making any money from, and, more importantly.
I don't own the copyright to my story. It's a MLP fanwork. Hasbro owns the IP. So, I actually can't make that claim. I could on my original works, but not any that have other peoples characters in them.


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I am never who you think I am, and rarely am I who you would like me to be.

I do not take requests, only suggestions - and nine times out of ten, mentioning one makes me less likely to do it, not more.

I will not speed up if you bug me.

Any dates of release, even if I say 'tomorrow', are almost always wrong. This is actually just because I screw up a lot.

If I say I am going to write a story, I may not actually do it. If I lose interest, that's just that.

All of this stems from one fact - the work I do here is by and large the least important of all my artistic endeavors, at least as far as I am concerned. It is, unfortunately, apparently my most popular, which I am really not sure how to feel about to be honest.

So, if you do not see me around for a few months, that is perfectly normal. I will be active here far, far less frequently than I will be inactive.

Sometimes I regret starting this.


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You can always make them. I am under no obligation to do them, but you can't go wrong by asking. However, after such a... delightful comment as you left two minutes before this one, I don't believe I care much what you have to say, to be honest.
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