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So, our pretty 'little' celestial has finally made her debut in 3,850 words of glorious black and white print. Well, you saw her hands before, but that doesn't really count. First impressions are important, so I hope she's left a good one!

Now, I'm in a bit of a predicament. You see, I have a few ideas for the next story with her, but none are really standing out above the rest. If I don't chose one and stick with it, none of them will get done. So, I'd like your help deciding. What would you like to see Mesmer doing next? There are three options:

- We follow Msemer through a typical day and see what she usually gets up to when she doesn't have any outside plans. It turns out that a goddess like her has trouble avoiding some destruction even when they're not trying...

- Eclipse convinces her to take over a world for fun because she's never actually done it before. Of course, Eclipse's advice to her is a little more assertive than she's comfortable with...

- Vera takes Mesmer to a system to simply have a little fun with the planets. After a bit of play, Mesmer becomes aware that the worlds aren't quite as uninhabited as she had been told...

I plan on writing all three eventually, but I've got to pick one to start with. Please indicate the one you'd like to see most in comments. Also, you can suggest story ideas as well if you'd like. I won't use them immediately, and I very rarely actually use a suggested idea, but they do frequently inspire me with related ideas, so it's always useful!
Thank you all so much for your birthday wishes! Unfortunately, I don't put my real birthday online, but the sentiment is very touching!
    Now, I am very aware that at least 90% of the people who actually look at my stuff couldn't care less about most of my recent deviations, namely the Madoka Magica Fan-fic A Different Kind of Spark which I have been uploading part by part over the past three days. No, I don't intend on abandoning my... other writing, but I'm branching out. I'm allowed, keep your heads on. This entry is talking to that other 10% who does care.

    First of all, I only have one more chapter actually finished, Chapter the Fifth, which I will upload tomorrow. I'm beginning to reach the end of the Sixth chapter, so that one will likely come out fairly soon, most likely Friday or Saturday. From there, you should expect two to three weeks between chapters. Yeah, I know. I don't want you to have to wait that long either, but I'm simply not fast enough of a writer to do better than that. Sorry for the inconvenience. The good news is that the sixth chapter is looking like it's going to finish out at about as long or even slightly longer then the second, so once I finish that one there will be about 3 and 3/4 hours worth of material there. (Based on an average reading speed of 250 WPM).
    Secondly, do any of you people know of any good Madoka Magica groups I might consider submitting the story to? I'd like to get some visibility if possible, so if you know of anything, please tell me!
    Thirdly, please feel free to leave criticism in comments! I'm trying to become a better author, and I can't do that if no one tells me what I'm doing wrong. Don't be an asshole about it, but I highly encourage you to tell me what you liked, disliked, wished there was more/less of, and any grammar or spelling mistakes!
Greetings, all!

So, I sort of disappeared for about four weeks. Sorry about that. I'd like to say that it won't happen again, but in fact just the opposite is true. I'll be available for far, far less time than I am gone for. You see, I attend a boarding school. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, think Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns. It's a high-school, except I live there. So, as you might expect, the school has to provide the students with internet access. They get to chose what sites we are allowed to use.

On December 1, 2014, my school decided to block Deviantart. From now on, I will only be able to access Deviantart when on school vacation, such as the christmas break I am currently enjoying. Starting on the eleventh of January, I won't be able to use it again until the twenty-third of February, I believe.

I am explaining this so that you don't think I've just disappeared. I plan on keeping as much of a presence as I can, but my school will always come first. Sorry.

There are not words in this puny mortal language to describe the feelings I have about this.

I'm sorry.


I just can't. I...

A comet. We landed on it.
So, as a thing, I know a little bit of programming. I'm not that great at it, but I can make simple text programs in python fairly well. As such, calculators are something I can handle.

So, I was looking through my hard drive, and I found two programs which I think you might like. One is a size statistics calculator. If you put a height into it, it tells you a set of facts for a pony of that size. It supports pony sizes to the nearest whole meter from 1 meter to around 10 trillion light years. I think some of you might find that useful. The other is a size finder. If you put information from a picture in to it, it gives you a rough value for the height of the pony.

So, first:
If you want to use these programs, you'll need python. Even if you don't want these programs, I still highly recommend you download python anyway. It's one of the easiest programming languages in the world to learn, but you can do some pretty cool things with it. You can download it for free here:

Download the most up to date version and install python on your computer. It's not that large of a file, so it shouldn't take very long.

You can download the Size Stat Calculator at:…

You can download the Size Finder at :…

How to use the Size Stat Calculator:
When you boot up the program, you will be immediately prompted to provide a Sizetype. Pressing 1 will make your further inputs in meters. Pressing 2 will make your further inputs in kilometers. Pressing 3 will make your further inputs in light years.

Press whatever key makes the most sense given the size of your pony.

You will then be prompted to provide the size in your chosen units. You can input any whole number here, but it does have to be a whole number.

That's it; the calculator will now display all of the information on screen. It will restate the size, then give you weight, caloric intake. It tells you the surface area of their hoof, plot, and side, as well as giving you the sizes of various other body parts. Then it provides a few fun facts for you, though not too many unfortunately.

Press enter to exit the program, and re-launch to input a new size.

How to use the Size finder:
This one's a bit harder to use, but not too hard.
Upon startup, you will be prompted to chose one of seven body parts to make your comparison against. Look at your picture and determine which part will be the easiest to make comparisons with. Be sure that whatever part you chose, it's larger than the object you plan on comparing against. If you don't see a good part for comparison, press 7 and it will take you to another list of seven body parts. If you can't find any of these thirteen things in the picture, the size finder can not help you.

Once you've chosen your body part, you will be given a list of four options for size ranges to chose from. There are a total of eighteen objects programmed in for comparison, but I broke them into four size categories so that you don't have to go through a list of eighteen each time.
In the giantess size range, there are six  items to chose from: Pony, house, 20 story building, 80 story building, city blocks, and clouds.
In the mega/lower giga range, there are four items to chose from: Mountains, cities, the atmosphere, and the curvature of the earth.
In the giga range, there are four items to chose from: The earth, the sun, the solar system, and the space between stars.
In the ultra range, there are four items to chose from: Galaxy, space between galaxies, galactic super-clusters, and the visible universe.

Seventeen of these work exactly the same way. The only one which doesn't is the curvature of the earth, which I will explain later.

Select the size range that holds the item you want in it. You will then be prompted with a list of items inside that range. Select the item for comparison.

You will be prompted one last time. The question will be "To the nearest whole number, the object in question is 1 over what of your pony's height?" To find this number, figure out to the nearest whole number how many of the objects could fit across your chosen body part before they were larger than the part. That's the number you put in.

The program will then tell you your pony's size. You're done! Press enter to exit the program.

If you select the curvature of the earth, things work slightly differently. Instead of getting the prompt "To the nearest whole number, the object in question is 1 over what of your pony's height?", you will get the prompt "Length of curvature to the nearest whole degree:" To find this number, figure out how many degrees of the planet the chosen body part covers. If the number is greater than 90 degrees, the program does not work. Enter the length covered in degrees.

The program will then tell you your pony's size. You're done! Press enter to exit the program.

I hope some of you find this useful!

>> FILE ACCESS DATE 31.10.1006
AGE: 19(Reported)                            DATE OF BIRTH: 14.03.0987, if reported age is correct.
PLACE OF BIRTH: Cloudsdale          RELATIONS: None
    Starfury is a blue pegasus female with a medium length dark blue mane with cyan stripes, and a long tail with identical coloration. Cutie-mark consists of five multicolored chevrons, each one larger than the preceding. The smallest chevron is light blue, with the next in sequence being green, yellow, orange, and the largest being red. She has no bodily disfigurement of any kind visible. Her eyes are medium-purple.

    Starfury is one of those dangers we never really saw coming, but really should have. Her special talent is size-shift, a process by which she can increase and decrease her height and mass at will. This power has blatant disregard for material strength degradation due to the square cube law. The energy required or released to increase or decrease her mass is also ignored, as is basically all of the rest of thermodynamics. All of her biological needs, such as increased need for oxygen and food, are not scaled with her, and are essentially ignored. At very large sizes, the limits of light-speed do not effect her movement or growth rate. She does not appear to have an internal gravity field, though things outside of her do feel her gravity at larger sizes, albeit at a greatly decreased level. Shock-waves which should result from her high-mass body impacting the surfaces of worlds with great speeds are diminished significantly, if not ignored. Her voice travels at whatever her scaled version of the speed of sound is, regardless of whether this exceeds the speed of light, or has to travel through vacuum. In the same strain, her voice does not become deeper as her height increases, and only increases in volume to around one hundred and ten decibels at a maximum. Her breath, and by extension any other kind of pressure gradient she causes, also propagates at whatever her scaled speed of sound is; as such, she can use objects like straws fine at larger scales, despite the fact that such devices shouldn't really work. In addition to these effects, she also appears to have the ability to extend the listed exceptions to the physical laws to any object which she had contact with when preforming her size-shift, up to an apparent total mass limit equal to her resting mass of 197.4 Kg.
    As far as has been ascertained, Starfury does not have a size cap. She appears to keep herself mainly between the lower single-digit kilometer and middle double-digit gigameter ranges, but I would like to stress that this is where she stays mainly. She has been recorded growing to as large as triple-digit exameters.
    Basically, she's an unstoppable goddess with no limitations. I know that's a highly unprofessional phrasing, but that's what these comments are for, right? I mean, just think about it. Single-digit kilometers is big enough to stomp cities into dust. Double-digit gigameters? She could eat a planet at that size. Tripple-digit exameters? That's about the diameter of our galaxy. More research has to be made towards finding a way to stop her. She does become small sometimes! There has to be an opportunity.

    Hello, my little ponies!

    My name is Starfury, and I love having fun with the little ponies who surround me! I'm a nineteen year old blue pegasus mare with the ability to grow at will to any size! My personality type is ENFP, and I am in the superior intellect range. Catch me on a good day and I might help you out of a fix, but get me when I'm down, and the bottom of my hoof is all you'll be seeing. My only aspiration is to have fun, so if that means being a hero and punting a little dragon away from a town, saving all the little ponies? That's what I'll do. But if I get bored five minutes later, I might decide to treat the little town to my beautiful flank! I don't tend to hurt my friends, but I don't tend to make friends often. I'm usually not destructive for no reason, but I don't need much of one to get going. After all, crushing stuff is fun! I tend to keep myself very large. The feeling of flattening an entire planet between my hooves is to awesome to describe. But that doesn't mean I don't play with ponies on a smaller scale, if I feel like it.
    Feel free to talk to me! As I said, I don't just crush ponies randomly for no reason. Usually.